Happy Tuesday everyone!! Hope you all had a nice weekend :).  How was your Black Friday shopping?!  I totally shopped Black Friday from home this year… but I don’t know, was it me, or were the sales this year just not that great? I was keeping my eye on some things we wanted to get for the kitchen… but of course, everything BUT what we needed was on sale! I did, however, have some good luck at Chapters Indigo! Oh my, I just found the most perfect gifts.  I’ll share them along with others later this week as ill be posting a few holiday gift guides!

Anywho, why don’t we jump right on into this post?  A couple nights before this style shoot, my girl Vicki messaged me about this new coffee spot she found, New Order Coffee.  All I have to say is “good eye girl!!” I mean how awesome is this place?! It is just gleaming with sunlight, loads of room, fun decor, and great coffee.  We walked in and ordered … to be exact… ” the most photogenic coffee you have! ” LOL. This was the smores latte. We also ordered the Crunch Berry Krispie, and just saying, is there anyone who wants to bring me ten right now?!?!  Oh my gosh it was so good, I’m kind of upset right now because I was full the day we shot, so I didn’t get to finish mine…. now I want it and I wish I didn’t leave a single morsel behind!  Grrr does anyone else ever do that?!? Don’t laugh at me if I am haha!

So let’s talk outfit.  I have always been a sucker for a denim skirt that checks off all the right criteria.  Softer fabric that moves, good wash, perfect length and shape.  I just love the way this one fits at the waist and flares out enough to be cute/casual. Ya I just made that up, but that’s how I feel about my skirt.  Cute Casual 😎.  Let me explain what I mean.  A full pencil skirt would just be uncomfortable to wear daily and a full flare would just be too much  (at least for me), to wear daily.  This is just in the middle. Cute Casual. Lol.



Well anyway, your going to semi not like me very much, but this skirt is no longer sold.  I got it at Joe Fresh Last year.  It was one of those things I bought but for whatever reason never wore.  Then one day I found it in my closet and had a closet epiphany.  I was like ” WHY DONT I EVER WEAR THIS?!?!?! ” So now, I’m wearing it 😂😎.

But dont you worry! I’ve linked a few others I have recently come across that I equally love, if not more. 🙂  (Linked at the end of this post).

This striped shirt is from H and M and I seriously have 3.  It’s like always wanting to have a fresh white tee, but for me, a striped tee.

This jacket. If you’re ever going to invest in a classic, do a well-fitted camel coat. This one is by Babaton from Aritzia. You can easily wear it casually day to day, or throw it over your shoulders with your evening look. I’ve linked a similar Babaton coat below.

Denim Skirt 1 / Denim Skirt 2 / Denim Skirt 3 / Striped Long Sleeve / Tights / Boots / Coat

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! If you get a chance to check out New Order Coffee, let me know!:)

Have a great week!


DIY Belle Sleeve Top

DIY Belle Sleeve Top

Hey all!  Today I am sharing a DIY that has been on my todo list for about 43984573 years … no joke.  Do you ever write something in your planner and you don’t get to it so you move it up to the next week.  Which is fine, but I moved this project up to the next week about a thousand times!!  So you can imagine my excitement now as I sit here, FINALLY sharing this project with you!! Lol!

The belle sleeve top has been a staple this year and will continue to be this coming fall and onwards.  Today I am showing you a super quick and easy tutorial on how to take a basic shirt and turn it into a beautiful belle sleeve.









I’ve linked all the details to the items in this outfit, or the like over here

diy belle sleeve inst.-2

It is best to read all of the instructions prior to starting

  1. first you are going to want to get your fabric.  I was using a black shirt so I decided to use this dark grey and white print fabric.  You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy fabric.  You can also recycle an old item of clothing if that works too!
  2. Once you have the fabric you would like to use, cut a 2 large circles out of it, and then another in the middle of these circles.  To do this I just traced over a large mixing bowl and for the inner circle I traced over a cup.  My mixing bowl was 12 inches in diameter and the cup was 3.  If you don’t have access to a large round object, you can also tie a string to a piece of chalk at the desired length you would like.  Then hold the string down in the middle with your finger, then trace a circle using your other hand and the chalk.
  3. To determine the size of the circle is really up to you. A larger circle will equal to a large more dramatic belle sleeve.  Where a small circle will turn to be more of a frill like sleeve.  It is really up to you and your preference.
  4. Once you have cut out your circle, you will need to cut the circle within it.  If you notice, I placed my inner circle a little off centred of my large circle.  This will allow the sleeve to drape slightly longer in the back.  If you wish to have it even all the way around, place the inner circle directly in the middle.
  5. To figure out the size of your inner circle, measure the circumference of the sleeve opening of the top you will be attaching this to.  I used a cup to measure my inner circle.  It was slightly bigger than the opening of my shirt but that is okay and I will tell you why soon.

diy belle sleeve inst.-3

6. If your shirt fabric or circle fabric as a lot of stretch to it, you will want to attach an iron on interfacing to it prior to sewing.  This way the fabric stays in place while             sewing it and it doesn’t go all wonky on you.

diy belle sleeve inst.-4

7. Next is the fun part! To prep your sleeve for sewing.  Lay it flat and fold your circle in half, bringing it towards the sleeve like shown above.  I have my fabric inside out because I would like the print to peak from the inside of the sleeve instead of being so bold on the outside of the sleeve.

diy belle sleeve inst.-5

diy belle sleeve inst.-6

8. Next, match the edges of the sleeve with the circle and pin into place.  If you have designed your circle to be off centre, be sure the longer side of the circle is pinned to the back of your sleeve.

diy belle sleeve inst.-7

9. Start sewing the sleeve.  Make sure you are sewing with the sleeve inside out so when you are finished, your seams are hidden on the inside of the garment.  Start your stitching in the middle of the top of the sleeve, sewing until you reach the stitching of the original sleeve about half way through.

diy belle sleeve inst.-8

10. Next, starting where you last began ( the middle of the top of the sleeve), sew the other half of the circle stopping at the same spot you previously ended the last stitch.

diy belle sleeve inst.-9

11.  Remember when I said my inner circle opening was slightly larger than my sleeve opening?  This is why.  With the left over fabric (as shown below), press down evenly to make a pleat in the fabric (more pics below).

diy belle sleeve inst.-10

diy belle sleeve inst.-11

12.  Once you have your pleat, finish by sewing across it, joining your stitches on either side and attaching the circle completely to the sleeve.  Then trim your remaining strings, repeat these steps for the other sleeve, and your done!!


I hope you all enjoyed this DIY and I can’t wait to see the designs you guys come up with!  Share them with me using the hashtag #ohsomonaDIY or in the comments below!  Stay tuned for more Fashion DIY projects! Also, a big thank you to Vicki Bartel for her amazing job capturing the images of the final outfit.


Elodie Beauty 10 Day Skincare Challenge

Elodie Beauty 10 Day Skincare Challenge

Hey everybody!!

Okay I am super excited to be sharing this post with you guys. For one it’s the first post since having baby Amel (insert heart eyes here :p ) ,  but also because this challenge hasn’t come at a more perfect time to help this Mama’s skin.  Since I know a number of lovely ladies who either just had their precious ones or are about to… I figured I’m not the only one who’s going to benefit with this challenge.  Not to mention many others I’m sure. So I guess you could say I’m sharing some pretty golden information over here (okay now lets insert the super cool sunglasses emoji).


Seanna from Elodie Beauty has teamed up with ShopEco to bring you an awesome skincare challenge to get your skin glowing and in gear for summer.  So if your like me right now and your skin is just not cooperating, or it simply just needs that little boost in TLC for summer, Sign up here to take part in the 10 Day Challenge.

The challenge is designed to reboot your skincare routine and get you on the path to healthy radiant skin.

The program includes:

  • Daily challenges sent via email with instructions, homework, and videos
  • 1:1 Skype consult with Seanna Cohen to discuss your specific skincare concerns and develop a personalized plan
  • Skincare Starter Kit which includes: Wildcraft Face & Body Scrub, Merben Body Brush, and Amal Organic Argan Oil/ or Skin Essence Organics Rosehip Oil ($75 value)
  • 10% off ShopEco beauty products until June 30, 2017
  • Private Facebook group to discuss questions and offer support to the challenge participants.

Through this challenge you will:

  • learn all about “skin saboteurs” – those products, habits, lifestyle that affect the quality of your skin and prevent you from having a healthy, glowing complexion!
  • introduce new skincare habits that will have lasting effects
  • identify and understand the underlying causes of your skin concerns
  • discover natural skincare products that are suited to your unique needs


I am so excited to be taking part in this challenge.  I think its going to be a great motivator to finally get a handle on my skin care routine.  Also, it’s going to be great to get the one on one time with Seanna to go over my concerns… because god knows how many times I’ve turned to google and I got about 300 different answers to my questions.

Can’t wait to get started! I will keep you guys posted along the way 🙂  Let me know if your joining the 10 day challenge too!

– Mona 🙂

Office Casual

Office Casual
For the days where I’m running in and out of the restaurant in meetings, working on client photo sessions, or just running around like a mad woman, I love to wear an outfit that isn’t necessarily super business professional.
Hello, super cute denim and blazer combo.  I rarely ever where blazers with their matching coordinates… but instead with pretty much about everything els.  I love the “put together” look a blazer can give off instantly.  Seeing as how its spring and its now publicly acceptable for me to wear as much colour as my heart desires, I took advantage.
Seriously, have some fun. I would love to see your version of work casual! 🙂
Happy Monday!

Joe Fresh Steal

Joe Fresh Steal
Can we all take a moment to remember the long weekend…already wishing it was not the end… Sigh.  On a brighter note, spring is in the air and with all the parties and events around the corner, I wanted to share a cute summer dress with you thats suitable.  This super adorable dress from Joe Fresh is now on sale for only $25 bux!   It is so comfortable and I am just IN LOVE with the color.  I’m calling it my little cinderella tea party dress haha.