Happy Tuesday everyone!! Hope you all had a nice weekend :).  How was your Black Friday shopping?!  I totally shopped Black Friday from home this year… but I don’t know, was it me, or were the sales this year just not that great? I was keeping my eye on some things we wanted to get for the kitchen… but of course, everything BUT what we needed was on sale! I did, however, have some good luck at Chapters Indigo! Oh my, I just found the most perfect gifts.  I’ll share them along with others later this week as ill be posting a few holiday gift guides!

Anywho, why don’t we jump right on into this post?  A couple nights before this style shoot, my girl Vicki messaged me about this new coffee spot she found, New Order Coffee.  All I have to say is “good eye girl!!” I mean how awesome is this place?! It is just gleaming with sunlight, loads of room, fun decor, and great coffee.  We walked in and ordered … to be exact… ” the most photogenic coffee you have! ” LOL. This was the smores latte. We also ordered the Crunch Berry Krispie, and just saying, is there anyone who wants to bring me ten right now?!?!  Oh my gosh it was so good, I’m kind of upset right now because I was full the day we shot, so I didn’t get to finish mine…. now I want it and I wish I didn’t leave a single morsel behind!  Grrr does anyone else ever do that?!? Don’t laugh at me if I am haha!

So let’s talk outfit.  I have always been a sucker for a denim skirt that checks off all the right criteria.  Softer fabric that moves, good wash, perfect length and shape.  I just love the way this one fits at the waist and flares out enough to be cute/casual. Ya I just made that up, but that’s how I feel about my skirt.  Cute Casual 😎.  Let me explain what I mean.  A full pencil skirt would just be uncomfortable to wear daily and a full flare would just be too much  (at least for me), to wear daily.  This is just in the middle. Cute Casual. Lol.



Well anyway, your going to semi not like me very much, but this skirt is no longer sold.  I got it at Joe Fresh Last year.  It was one of those things I bought but for whatever reason never wore.  Then one day I found it in my closet and had a closet epiphany.  I was like ” WHY DONT I EVER WEAR THIS?!?!?! ” So now, I’m wearing it 😂😎.

But dont you worry! I’ve linked a few others I have recently come across that I equally love, if not more. 🙂  (Linked at the end of this post).

This striped shirt is from H and M and I seriously have 3.  It’s like always wanting to have a fresh white tee, but for me, a striped tee.

This jacket. If you’re ever going to invest in a classic, do a well-fitted camel coat. This one is by Babaton from Aritzia. You can easily wear it casually day to day, or throw it over your shoulders with your evening look. I’ve linked a similar Babaton coat below.

Denim Skirt 1 / Denim Skirt 2 / Denim Skirt 3 / Striped Long Sleeve / Tights / Boots / Coat

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! If you get a chance to check out New Order Coffee, let me know!:)

Have a great week!



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