Cheese & Crackers with a Twist

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been on somewhat of a healthy kick lately (still have my weaknesses), so I thought I would share one of my favourite late night snacks with you.  It is super easy and quick to assemble, but still lets you feel like you are indulging a bit :p                                                                                                                                                    fig snack-1

I used to have this snack all of the time and then somehow forgot about it.  Then recently myself and the girls had a mommies night out at Mazaar’s where among many other items (lol we went to town), had the fried Halloum cheese with whole fig jam.  Needless to say the next day and days after I was mad craving my favourite snack again. 😍

Below are the ingredients I used:

fig snack-2fig snack-3fig snack-4

Hope you all enjoy!  Have a great weekend!



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