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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I am beyond excited to be starting this little series.   Lately I’ve been thinking about all of the wonderful creative people we have here in Windsor.  I thought “wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of directory for all these creatives?!?”.  Then I thought of this little series 🙂 .  I wanted to create a fun space where if you needed a hand letterer for a project lets say, you could find them here. Between the delicious recipes and DIY, I will post about a creative I have interviewed with some examples of their work, and how you can reach them:).  I hope this is something you will all enjoy!
To start off this series I’m starting with a super talented gal!  Jesmyne is a free lance illustrator. You can currently find some of her work at Bungalow Home Decor on Maiden Lane in Windsor.  She is amazing at what she does!  Below you can read here ten question interview :
1) How long have you been an illustrator?

I’ve been a graphic designer and illustrator for about 4 years. I don’t see being a designer and an illustrator as two separate parts of myself. I know they complement each other.

2) What is one art supply you always have on hand? 
I always have a notebook and col-erase. I am a digital artist so I do most of my work on the computer. Of course, I never start a design without thumbnails and sketches.
3) What inspires you? 
It might be cliche but everything inspires me. I’m based out of Walkerville so all I have to do is leave the house. Sometimes going for a walk is all I need.
Though I do like to go into interior design shops. I’ll look at a particular piece of furniture and wonder what would look good with it. I think about what I would want in my home and hopefully, others feel the same way.
4) How do you overcome a creative block?
Creative blocks suck. They happen to everyone, not just people in the creative field. When you’re up against a deadline it can be daunting. The client is counting on you to deliver your best. All you can do is pick up your pencil and draw. Then keep drawing. You’ll hate a lot of what you at first but keep pushing throw it. I try not to be too hard on myself.
5) What has been your favourite project to date? 
I don’t know if I can pin down my favourite project. However, 2 months ago I started selling prints at the Bungalow on Maiden Lane. Every month I create a new gallery wall for the display. It really gives me creative freedom. Each piece can stand alone but together, it works perfectly. I look forward to putting the next month’s gallery together. I really love Maiden Lane and I’m glad I get to be a tiny part of it.
6) What is something you can’t live without? (doesn’t have to be art related)
Cheese is the first thing that pops in my head and the lake a close second. But what I should say is my family. I have a one-year-old who is a little weirdo, and I love him so very much. My partner is incredibly supportive. He gets the ups and downs of being a freelancer. It has long hours and the work day never really ends but he is there for me. We have an amazing little family and I’ve been terribly lucky.
7) What made you decide to become a freelance illustrator?
At first being a freelancer wasn’t a decision. I was lucky enough to be hired at a marketing agency right out of college it was a great learning experience. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. After about a year, there were layoffs and I was left without a job. Graphic design is a competitive field there are a lot of talented designers all trying to get into the same agencies. So I started taking jobs as I got them. I made a lot of mistakes when I first started, the biggest was undervaluing my work. With time I got smarter about the business end and I became more confident. Freelance is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of hard work. Though hard work has never scared me.
8) What are some of your favourite books?
I love reading. Here’s a short list of my favourite books; The Last Letter of Alphabet, Great Expectations, Outlander, The Keep, and my favourite is Of Human Bondage. Of Human Bondage is an amazing novel. It follows the life of a boy named Philip as he becomes a man. Every time I read it I get something new out of it. I couldn’t recommend it more.
9) Do you listen to music while working? If so, what kind of playlist do you have going?
I’m sure everyone says it but, I listen to everything. Techno swing, French pop artists, traditional Nordic music (my sons favourite).
I do have albums that I listen to more than others. I listen to Cage the Elephant – Melophobia. Anything from Monsters and Men I could listen to all day.
At the moment I listen to Lazy Masquerade quite a bit. It’s a youtube channel devoted to telling scary stories. Of course, I can’t listen to it too much before bed.
10)What is a fun fact that others may not know about you?
People are usually surprised when they find my Instagram page and learn I’m an illustrator. Other than that I’m not sure.
If your interested in purchasing some of Jesmyne’s pieces, you can pick them up at Bungalow Home decor in Windsor or if you had a different project in mind you can contact her personally:) (contact info below). Currently I’m working on a little something special for the house with her and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!!
Jesmyne Wallace
-Mona 🙂

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