Nursery Reveal – Before & After

Well it’s been a long time coming but Amel’s nursery reveal is finally here! While I was putting together the images of the room, I stumbled upon these before pictures.  So voila! Now this is a Before and After haha.

I know what your thinking… why on earth would I makeover such a pretty pink room, with a pink light… and a very clean looking pink carpet.


..Oh yes, and pink curtains.


It’s truly crazy what updated floors and a can a paint will do for you!  #ByeFelicia


 My goal was to create a very bright whimsy room with loads of colour.  I also wanted to create a room that Amel could easily grow into design wise.


My favourite part of the room has to be the floral wall. I was in between so many thoughts whether to do wall paper, paint a mural, do a gallery wall, or to do decals.  I decided to go the decal route and I am absolutely in love with this one from Urban Walls in Vancouver BC.  It was so fun and easy to install.  I always have people asking me if we painted the flowers on the wall.  So you can imagine how seamless it must look! Ahh just so in love.  I keep telling mike I want to put decals all over the house now hahaha.

Nursery Reveal-2

Okay I had to narrow down my stuffed animal options for Amel… it was so hard! But I think these cuties did the trick.  The pink bear was actually mine as a baby!  Needless to say it was probably a lot fluffier then.

Nursery Reveal-4

Our light fixture is an antique.  I have a couple other similar antique lights like this one, so when my aunt was cleaning her attic and came across this gorgeous mustard yellow lamp, she knew who to give it to. (I feel like right here I would want one of those cool sunglasses smiley face emojis….is it possible to add emojis into a blog post?!? )

Nursery Reveal-5

This mirror and potted artificial tree are from Home Sense.  Luckily it is artificial because I don’t think it would have made it to picture day if it wasn’t!

Nursery Reveal-6

Nursery Reveal-12

Nursery Reveal-10

Nursery Reveal-3

Nursery Reveal-14


Nursery Reveal-13

Amel’s nursery is hands down my favourite room in the house.  I’ve listed all of the links to the items I purchased or similar below:

  1. Dresser
  2. Rug
  3. Giraffe Toy
  4. Artificial Tree
  5. Mirror
  6. Wall Decal
  7. Curtains
  8. Change pad
  9. Change pad Cover
  10. Crib
  11. Crib sheets
  12. End table


Hope you enjoyed the room reveal! Happy Monday 🙂

-Mona 🙂


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