Infused Lemonade


Seriously, who doesn’t love a good lemonade ?! Especially during these hot summer days.  This past week I played around with some ingredients to make some super simple infused lemonades using Presidents Choice organic lemonade.  They are perfect for those backyard barbecues over this summer!


From top to bottom : Blackberry Lemonade, Rosemary Lemonade, & Mojito Mint Lemonade.


For any of the recipes, I added fresh lemon zest for flavour as well as that extra pop of colour… (Also because it just looks super pretty that way).


For the rosemary lemonade:  Add 4-6 sprigs of rosemary to a 4 L jug of lemonade (more or less depending on how strong of a flavour you would like).  Let it sit overnight in the fridge if possible to let the flavors really infuse.



For the Black Berry Lemonade, I didn’t have a muddle so instead I used a small bowl and the back of a spoon to crush my black berries.  I crushed them enough so that they were still partly whole but very juicy still.  To serve, add a spoon full of the blackberries into a glass and then add some lemon zest. Top with Lemonade and a slice of lemon and your ready to serve.


Last but not least!  A non alcoholic mojito…lemonade version. For this recipe, I added 0.75 oz. of Presidents Choice Mojito mixer to a small glass.  I topped with lemon zest, fresh mint, and lemonade.


 YUM YUM YUM !! Let me know how you enjoy these recipes ! 🙂
Happy Monday 🙂

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